About Us

How Cycle Shade Started

Cycle shade was created by a biker trying to solve a problem. He loved his bike and the freedom and power he felt when he was on it… He also loved his wife and having her ride with him made everything more enjoyable!

Then, one very hot day in California, his wife told him that there was a problem and she didn’t want to ride with him anymore unless he fixed it.

The problem? She was tired of sitting on a scorching hot and uncomfortable seat!  Thus, Cycle Shade was born, and it wasn’t long after creating his own that other bikers started asking where they could get one.

It was so popular and successful that he started selling Cycle Shades at rallies and bike shows.  For personal reasons, in 2019 he sold the company to us, the Bailey family!

We’re totally stoked that you’re visiting our site today!

Meet the Bailey Family

Cycle Shade is a mother and son team. Terrell initially bought the business and asked his mother Laura soon after if she would become a business partner.

At first, she told Terrell no. When he looked at her, bewildered, and asked why — she replied “Because you don’t listen to anything I say!” 

A few weeks later, he asked again and here we are now!

Laura Bailey

Terrell Bailey

"Thanks again for the excellent support you've provided. It's SO refreshing to know that there are still some businesses that truly care about their customers AFTER the sale." - Rick

The Cycle Shade Mission

Having a comfortable seat is one of the keys to having an enjoyable ride. We want to provide an awesome product that keeps your seat comfortable and helps extend the life of seats, gauge clusters, and grips.

We want to have a reputation for great customer service. We will accomplish this by being honest in all our dealings and offering products that add value to our customer’s lives. We will always make sure that you, the customer, feel that the value that you received far exceeds your expectations.

In short, we want Cycle Shade to become a household name in the bike industry!

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the average life of a Cycle Shade?

Our motorcycle seat covers last on average 7 years. The black color does fade with regular use to a dark grey.

How easy is it - really?

Simple answer is easier than you would believe! You don’t have time to waste trying to install your Cycle Shade seat cover, so we made sure that it was quick and easy to install.

Always install from the left side of the motorcycle.  Place shade face-up with the logo at the back of the seat. Using bungees and/or elastic, attach:

  • Front of shade to grips and/or levers.
  • Back of shade to taillights and/or protruding objects.
  • Sides of shade to the shifter, brake pedal, or body side molding,
  • 2 “S” hooks are included if the attachment is desired on a part of the bike that cannot have bungees and/or elastic slipped onto.
Do these covers fit trikes?

Yes. Our seat covers easily fit trikes. For trunk covers, you will want to select our CS3 cover.

Can I use these on my other motorsport toys?

Yup. These covers kick butt keeping the sun off of jet ski seats and 4-wheelers. You may even want one to keep the snow off your snow mobile seat.