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"We received our order of Gauge Shades and Bike Shades. My husband loved his 'Leader of the Pack' and I love my 'Lady Rider.' This was our second order for your shades and they are great! Thank you for the rush on the order and for the quality product! Love, Love, Love them!" - Deborah

Say NO to hot seats. Protect your ride! Pays for itself quickly.

We’ve all experienced it. You gear up for a nice ride, grab your riding partner, and hop onto your bike… only to realize that your seat is blazing hot!

There’s nothing more annoying than having to move your bike into the shade or look around for something to use to cover your seat. Then you have to wait around for it to cool down enough to ride.

This whole process can turn your fun and enjoyable cruise into a struggle.

That’s where Cycle Shade comes in!

Designed by bikers for bikers like you - Made in the USA.

We understand what a literal pain in the ass a hot seat can be…  We get it and we’ve come to the rescue!

We’re passionate about motorsports and believe riding should always be fun and easy!  That’s why bikers all over the world are in love with Cycle Shades!

We’ve gone the distance to create a one-of-a-kind motorcycle product that ensures you ride in comfort – every single time.

We’re always looking for new ways to improve your ride and make the road better for you.

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"Thanks again for the excellent support you've provided. It's SO refreshing to know that there are still some businesses that truly care about their customers AFTER the sale." - Rick

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"I just got the shade and I LOVE IT!!! YOU did good! The chrome really stands out and you're right - it matches the bike beautifully! I can't thank you enough for redoing the design! It's exactly as I imagined - Better actually! You know you've got a huge fan in Fresno! I'll be sure to keep spreading the word - Thanks again!!" - Dana